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Why Humility should be Trending! | Humility

A successful business has at its core a successful and energetic team and by team I mean Management & Workforce – all levels. The development of such a team involves good recruitment, strong personnel development and succession planning. Above all however a team will not function in such a way if top management do not show some humility.
Being humble.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

–        Ernest Hemingway

Success in business requires exceptional drive and persistence in the face of many obstacles on a daily basis.  This tends to mean that those that rise to the top have certain characteristics in common, not least determination.  All too often however, that determination becomes arrogance and if allowed to develop, this trait can begin to have negative effects on the business at all levels.  In this piece I want to extoll the virtues and real benefits of displaying some humility at the top. Continue reading Why Humility should be Trending! | Humility

Budgets – dreams and reality! | Budgeting


There’s a saying in business that sales managers typically create budgets using the ‘this year’s numbers plus 15%’ approach.  I can say that from personal experience that that is sometimes not too far from the truth and applies in companies of all shapes and sizes.

The budgeting process all too often suffers from contradictory pressures from two different groups within a company; the Board who want to see a fast return on investment and have made predictions and sometimes promises to that effect; and the sales team who know that they will be held to account for the agreed targets.

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Why Balance is vital to your business! | Balance


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The cliché says that the world is not made up of black and white issues but shades of grey.  As with most clichés there is an element of truth, a truth that one only truly accepts as you reach a certain stage of maturity.  The saying is valid in all aspects of life but I have come to recognise that it is also extremely applicable in business.  In business however, I would think that it is normally referred to as ‘balance’.

Balance is best applied in all areas of business life but for the purpose of this post let’s look at just three; budgeting, new markets and marketing. Continue reading Why Balance is vital to your business! | Balance