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Why Humility should be Trending! | Humility

A successful business has at its core a successful and energetic team and by team I mean Management & Workforce – all levels. The development of such a team involves good recruitment, strong personnel development and succession planning. Above all however a team will not function in such a way if top management do not show some humility.
Being humble.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

–        Ernest Hemingway

Success in business requires exceptional drive and persistence in the face of many obstacles on a daily basis.  This tends to mean that those that rise to the top have certain characteristics in common, not least determination.  All too often however, that determination becomes arrogance and if allowed to develop, this trait can begin to have negative effects on the business at all levels.  In this piece I want to extoll the virtues and real benefits of displaying some humility at the top. Continue reading Why Humility should be Trending! | Humility

Is social media helping to create the cult of the customer? | Cult of the customer.

social media

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The attached article shows how leading firms are really embracing social media today as the core, it seems of their marketing strategy.

My impression is that this was a slow transition as opposed to a ‘road to Damascus’ moment with decades of traditional approaches to re-evaluate and a need to be IT-savvy that presumably proved a bit of a sea anchor with older staff……..

Anyway, there is no longer a debate about whether to embrace the New World – it has turned to how best to leverage it?  What I like best about the new approach is that it seems to definitely  force companies to consider the brand experience much more from the customers’ perspective.  By definition, platforms on social media are personal and allow the corporate world to better understand what the customer is thinking which can be tremendously powerful if used correctly. Continue reading Is social media helping to create the cult of the customer? | Cult of the customer.

How strong partnerships are vital for your business! | Partnership

Partnerships in business.

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Good business partnerships between companies are vitally important. They come in all shapes and sizes from mega-alliances to normal distribution networks that most companies use to get their products out to market. Whilst all businesses have them, I think that all too often Management do not fully appreciate the dynamics involved and in the end how delicate the relationship may be. Continue reading How strong partnerships are vital for your business! | Partnership

Negotiation is a game become a player! | Negotiation


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All nationalities have intrinsic advantages and disadvantages when it comes to negotiation.  The British have the main advantage of being on-the-whole courteous and respectful whilst probably our main disadvantage is our reserve or reluctance to challenge in debate for fear of being seen as rude.  Negotiation is fundamental to business and is therefore a vital part of the sales’ skill set.  It is also very definitely a game and successful negotiators recognise that and learn the rules.  There are probably thousands of books on the subject of negotiation but this post is simply a distillation of my personal thoughts on the topic and should not be taken as anything other than that. Continue reading Negotiation is a game become a player! | Negotiation