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Are you Fit to Work? | Exercise

A fitter, more energetic you will probably enjoy life outside the office much more and will find new levels of confidence, focus and persistence – and therefore success – within the work environment.
Regular exercise is not optional!

Over 1/3 of adults globally are classified as either overweight or obese but this figure rises dramatically in more affluent countries reaching 58% in Europe and a staggering 70% in the US!

Source: Overseas Development Institute

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and office-based work are three key reasons for this pandemic of ill health.  Ironically as developing countries get richer it allows sections of their populations to adopt these same habits and consequentially the levels of obesity are on the rise fastest in areas such as Latin America and North Africa.

Being overweight can cause secondary problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems and even some cancers.  What is less understood are the effects on your ability to function to full potential at work.  Being overweight tends to lead to a negative cycle of a person doing less and less physical exercise.  The consequence of this is that they are deprived of the benefits which include a feeling of wellbeing and a better ability to tolerate stress.  Continue reading Are you Fit to Work? | Exercise